We all have a book inside of us, a story to tell.

But sometimes, we’re not sure how to bring it out. How to transform the outline as we imagine it into a work of creative (non-)fiction.

Sometimes, we already have a manuscript or part of it but feel something is missing. That vital part which makes all the difference between a decent and a good story.

And perhaps sometimes, we need some guidance and feedback, much-needed direction towards the goal: a good story, a coherent narrative, a published book.

Whether it is a listening ear, a sounding board, guidance, feedback, shaping a manuscript into form, Caroline can help you.


Caroline believes writing is an art and respects and admires the creativity, imagination and ability to put together an intricate plot and give readers characters to empathise with.

She understands how easy it is to get lost in the world of a manuscript, the various characters and plotlines, the abundance of sources in case of a non-fiction book, the overall structure and coherence.

That’s why she supports and guides (new) writers on the sometimes tricky but oh so rewarding publishing journey with her experience and advice.

Her eye for detail is what makes her a good editor; her zest for life and enthusiasm for the written word are the basis for her role as a writer, publisher, and mentor.

Are you struggling with your manuscript? Do you need advice or guidance? Contact Caroline now to book a free 30-minutes session to discuss your project and requirements.

How Mentoring Works

  • Step 1: First, Caroline books you in for a FREE 30-minute intake chat in which we get to know each other and discuss your requirements and expectations; we talk about what mentorship means and how it will take shape.
  • Step 2: We have two mentor sessions of 45 minutes each. Plus, Caroline will fully and completely edit your first chapter (max 8,000 words) and discuss this with you during your second mentor session. This will determine the style, structure, and tone of the book, and will be the basis for shaping the manuscript into the best it can be.
  • Step 3: We have regular (monthly) mentor sessions of 45 minutes each

Step 1 is FREE
Step 2 will incur a fee of £250
Step 3: further sessions come at £80 each. This includes Caroline’s preparation.


Mentorship is not restricted to manuscript- and writing-related topics.

In addition to writing-related mentorship, Caroline also offers life coaching sessions.

Caroline loves to see you thrive. As a writer, as a person. All of you. She will endeavour to support you in any way that will help you move forward towards your goals. If you have something you’d like to address, whether that is struggling with the past or which direction to go, or just not quite happy with where/who you are, we can discuss that during coaching sessions.

The objective is to make you, the client, feel in control of their life and confident, happy. We often feel stressed about so many things around us, and it’s then that the path ahead might not always be clear. We may drown in details, forgetting the bigger picture. Health and happiness are no longer in vision. That’s where I come in. Together, we will strive to help you find the path, and, ultimately, yourself.

An important difference between mentoring and coaching is that coaching is non-directive. Coaching is allowing the coachee to explore their needs, their path forward to finding themselves. Finding happiness and fulfilment. Caroline will guide you and support you on your journey.

If you are interested, let’s schedule a free 30-minute call to discuss things.

How Coaching Works

  • Step 1: First, Caroline books you in for a FREE 30-minute intake chat in which we get to know each other and discuss what you are struggling with and what’s holding you back. We talk about your expectations and the goal of our coaching sessions.
  • Step 2: We have regular (monthly) sessions of 45 minutes each in which Caroline, through asking questions and observing, creates a safe space for you to pause and identify your needs, what’s holding you back, and how to move forward.

Step 1 is FREE
Step 2 sessions come at a fee of £80 each.