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Writing Resources


NOVLR is a writing interface, available for Windows and Mac iOS. This online writing app is designed to help improve your writing and to deliver in-depth feedback regarding your writing goals, your daily targets, and your preferred time of the day to write.

If you write on the go, have several devices you work on, NOVLR will suit you perfectly as it not only saves your work to their cloud but also automatically saves all work-in-progress so no stress or worry if your internet is failing you! And… would you like to save your work to your own Google Drive or Dropbox? With NOVLR it is possible – you are in control and choose your preferred method of saving your work.

What I especially like about NOVLR is that it not only has an excellent grammar-checking program but it also tells you why a word or a phrase would be better left out, amended, or substituted. This means you learn on the go – improve your writing while … writing!

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