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Former journalist, Jon Cole, is a historian with a special interest in WWII and modern-day technologies. Jon likes to explore the darker side of our existence, and in particular the murkier depths of the online world. Under his pen name, Miles Etherton, he is an expert at melting intriguing facts into captivating fiction – not for the fainthearted – in his cyber thrillers. 

I love the internet and the online world. What if one of the greatest technological advances we’ve made, would be misused? What if the freedom of the internet has turned on us, its users? Imagine devious minds having their way with our data… Fascinating ideas to explore in writing.

As a published author, Jon is an expert on what (not) to do when it comes to publishing. He knows his way around social media and provides fellow authors with information and insights in his articles. He wants to support other budding writers by providing them with services – to make it easier for them to publish their books. That is why he co-founded City Stone Publishing: for others to profit from his experience and knowledge.  

Caroline Cole’s passion for words and books is the foundation and inspiration for her life. She turned her love for the written word into a career supporting and advising writers, especially indie authors.

Caroline believes the creation of a book, writing, is art. She respects and admires the creativity, imagination and ability to put together an intricate plot and give readers characters to empathise with. She guides (new) authors on the sometimes tricky but oh so rewarding publishing journey with her experience and advice.

Her eye for detail is what makes her a good editor; her zest for life and enthusiasm for the written word are the basis for her role as a writer, publisher, and mentor.

After she made the not everyday decision of throwing her life upside down and starting all over, she is now living life with a job that does not feel like work because she loves what she’s doing.

Agatha Christie embodies the free spirit I always longed to be — the free spirit who accepts who she is and lives her life fully. Passionately.

Caroline’s strength is building a relationship with clients. It is about trust, reciprocating openness, creating a connection. A common goal and a shared interest in and a love for words and writing. That is why Caroline loves her job. That’s why she’s good at it. She is enthusiastic and supportive of independent authors. As co-founder of City Stone Publishing, she is positive she can do just that.

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The Writing Adventure Continues — from writing and editing to the exciting adventure of living the dream: Ink-Stained Hearts all the way, writing and publishing. A shared life amidst books, music, all things literary, and so much more.


Jon and Caroline are passionate about words, writing, books, music. That’s why together, they are and write as #InkStainedHearts.

In their articles, they share writing tips and author interviews, discuss history, literature, lifestyle, equality, social justice, psychology, culture, music, politics, and much, much more.

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