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It’s All About Preparation…

When you book City Stone Publishing to moderate your panel or interviews, you can be sure that we will

  • Read up on the topic/books
  • Do our research
  • Know about the interviewees & their backgrounds
  • Find interesting topics to be discussed
  • Tie in current events if and when appropriate
  • Formulate & prepare questions for the authors
  • Have questions & discussion topics at hand
  • Effectively lead the interview or panel discussion

How To Moderate A Panel Discussion

‘The best panel discussions feel like a fast-paced, unpredictable conversation between smart people on stage and smart people in the audience.’

  • Scott Kisner, Harvard Business Review

The Key To A Successful Panel

‘A good panel moderator brings the session to life: often selecting and prepping the panellists, determining the format to ensure a lively and informative conversation, and having excellent facilitator skills to keep the conversation focused and moving along.’

  • Powerful Panels

Info & Fees

For one price, you get both of us! We at City Stone Publishing do our Panel Moderation and Author Interviews together, combining both our strengths and our people skills with our love for books, the bookish world, and (indie) authors.

Our fee starts at £150 plus expenses.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and the duration at, or click on the button below: