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City Stone Publishing: a publisher with a passion for the written word and a heart that beats for indie authors

We are an imaginative and enthusiastic indie publishing company.

We love working with indie authors, which is why we also provide author services and advice in editing and writing, book page composition, author branding, and website creation.

Our Vision

Our ambition is twofold: 

To develop outstanding books and work alongside our authors.
To be a beacon of advice and a provider of services for indie authors.

Our Mission

We feel strongly about authors having a voice in creating their books. We at City Stone Publishing ensure this with our unique approach to publishing: we are not just about the books, we build relationships with our authors.

Because we both write, we know what authors want. That is how we, in cooperation and partnership with our authors, decide about the books we publish. That is why we also want to be there for indie authors.

Our Services

Bespoke, and inclusive, we offer to cater for individual needs. Whether it is the traditional publishing route or editorial services, or website design, we do it all.

  • We improve and advise on your manuscript – getting it ready for publishing (with another publisher or with us)
  • Develop your author brand, website and/or other platform and social media presence
  • Publish your book to multiple international retailers for the reading community to enjoy

Please get in touch through our Contact page if you have any queries or would like more info.


Thank you,

Jon & Caroline
City Stone Publishing

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