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Kerensa Jennings

When supporting publishers and authors, Caroline takes care to understand the brief and deliver a bespoke service. Her vibrant presence across social media, supporting authors and publishers, allows her to share her delight in the written word and engage a broad spectrum of readers.

Kerensa Jennings, Author of Seas of Snow. Storyteller, Strategist, Writer, Producer and Professor

Jon and Caroline C Cole hold the author at the centre with everything they do. We know what is most important to independent authors.

That is why Caroline offers publishing support & advice where indie authors decide which services they require.


All you have to do is pick the services you need. Caroline aims her services at honing books without changing the essence of it. She will do her utmost to transform your manuscript into the best book it can be.

The fee for her publishing support & advice services starts at £150 for an e-book only; £275 for an e-book and paperback.
This includes the essential but oh-so-cumbersome book page composition (formatting & typesetting)

*Applied in the fee for e-book combined with paperback is a discount of £50 for book page composition of the same manuscript in two formats (e-book and paperback).

**For a picture book, an additional charge of £50 will be included.


CSP - edited books Sept 2023
  • Editing — for consistency, tone, voice, plot, characterisation, etc. Levels of editing include a full or developmental edit, and a copy-edit.
  • Proofreading — including reviewing spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistent font, and formatting.
  • Manuscript Advice — general advice and concise feedback on format, content and wording.

Developmental Editing

Full editing is the most comprehensive form of editing where the manuscript in its entirety is reviewed; the focus is on the novel as a whole, the bigger picture and the overall structure.

A full edit includes the consistency of voice, and ensuring that the language used, the style, presentation and content are all in line with the novel’s intended purpose and readership.

This includes things like plot, character, point of view, pace, writing style, narrative, and dialogue.


copy editor not only checks for grammatical errors, but also focuses on the continuity and consistency of the plot, the characters, and the language used. Are all loose ends tied up? The copyeditor’s job is not just to check grammar and spelling but is also about ensuring the elements of the story are consistent and cohesive.


When proofreading, the focus is on typographical errors. Proofreading requires a close-up look at the manuscript to spot even the smallest typographical and mechanical errors, such as spelling mistakes, (missing) commas, erroneous spaces, inconsistencies in margins, and more.

Proofreading is all about enhancing the quality of your book.

Manuscript Advice

Manuscript advice looks at the big picture: the overall structure, content, tone of voice, and style of your manuscript.

Caroline will provide you with an in-depth review of your writing to help you improve your manuscript. She will advise you on specific points to focus on — she will be the stepping stone for your work of fiction, non-fiction, or (academic) paper.

Writing Services

Caroline offers general advice, concise feedback, or comprehensive analysis on format, content and wording for documents/blurbs/submission papers.

Her professional writing services include creating web content, white papers, articles, speeches, scripts and presentations, as well as rewriting for specific projects.


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A fantastic book on the right platform in multiple formats is no good if your readers can’t find you and your work.

Caroline can get you started, or help you grow your personal brand, whether on social media across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn or guide you through how to set up your author website and start your own marketing newsletter.

She can set up your website, offer training for you to maintain it, or make those updates for you, as well as sort you out with your own personal website address to boost your brand.


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‘Reading is a conversation. All books talk…’
– Mark Haddon

Do you want Caroline or Jon and Caroline to moderate your panel and interview authors or others in the bookish world?

When we do our Panel Moderation and Author Interviews together, we combine both our strengths and our people skills with our love for books, the bookish world, and (indie) authors.

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