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The Ganestown Crime Series introduces us to, and takes us on a riveting journey with, three protagonists who have no experience in dealing with crime or criminals.

Twenty-two-year-old smart, sassy art graduate Sharona Waters, has recently broken off her relationship with Malcolm McGuire due to his gambling addiction. Hugh Fallon (28) is a redundant sales manager. An introvert, his personal relationship is floundering, and his mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Ferdia Hardiman (48) is a National Sales Manager and Hugh’s old boss and mentor. Impulsive, a maverick, cynical, blunt, Ferdia is an irreverent, extrovert alpha male. A ying to Hugh’s yang. Dives into situations to help any underdog. A giant with a heart of gold.

Hiding in Plain Sight

The series begins in the icy claustrophobia of the Irish Midlands with a murder that rips the heart from a rural community. When Sharona Waters helps a wealthy widow track a missing painting, she puts herself on a direct trajectory with a serial killer. A serial killer who has found the perfect recipe for murder… and for getting away with it. When another killing pulls Sharona into his orbit, she peels away the public persona and exposes the psychopath underneath. The action accelerates when a relation of Ferdia’s is reported missing. Unwisely, he retaliates against the wrong person, a loan shark, which will have fatal consequences…


The Other Side of Fear

Book 2 in the Ganestown Crime Series  confronts us with the swathe of destruction the serial killer has left in his wake. An even darker story emerges after a young woman goes missing and all evidence points towards the ruthless world of people trafficking. Meanwhile, impulsive Ferdia Hardiman clashes head-on with the loan shark in a battle he can’t win…

In the Cold Light of Day

In book 3, calamities from the past have consequences for the present…

Hopelessly out of their comfort zones, Sharona, Hugh and Ferdia find themselves caught in a vicious world where violence is brutal and deaths are the order of the day. How will they cope? Will they survive? Will anything ever be the same again? The engrossing story continues in book 4, Under a Cover of Snow


About the Author: Eoghan Egan

Eoghan Egan is an exciting new crime author from Ireland. His Ganestown Crime Series brings darkness and crime to a small Irish town with big secrets. Drawing on his experiences and a love for his home county Roscommon, Eoghan perfectly captures the atmosphere of Ireland’s heart, using it as a backdrop to his gripping thrillers.

Winner of Litopia’s prestigious Pop-Up Submission, a graduate of Maynooth University’s Creative Writing Curriculum, and Curtis Brown’s Edit & Pitch Your Novel Course, Eoghan divides his time between Roscommon, Dublin and Southern Italy.

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