CSP - Traditional Publishing

Go traditional: the all-inclusive publishing journey

We edit your book, provide a book cover, and take care of the tedious but oh-so-rewarding process of book page composition before we publish your book to various platforms.

Because we at City Stone Publishing put authors at the heart of all we do, we will do this all in close consultation with our authors. Their voice as the creative owner of the story will be heard and weighs heavily with all the decisions we have to make.

Also part of traditional publishing: regular updates about books, and quarterly royalty reports and payments.

Is it because we love words that we believe in communication? Even if we have nothing to say (as if…), we will still be in touch on a regular basis. Just to check in with our authors. We are approachable and you can reach out to us whenever it’s needed. We believe in our authors. For them, we go the full nine yards.

What you can expect of us

  • your manuscript expertly edited
  • book page composition in both e-book and paperback format
  • which means your book has a professional layout and is easy to the eye so readers will enjoy the experience
  • your book available on several platforms in multiple e-book formats as well as in paperback
  • a fab book cover
  • book promotion: regular social media posts with engaging images and review quotes; bloggers to read & review your book; actively seeking and identifying opportunities for interviews, and more.



Book promotion is a combined effort of both author and publisher. An author needs to be actively involved in all of this and preferably, have a good social media profile and author website.

Authors, do realise that readers want to identify and connect with their authors – the relationship with your readership is a two-way street.

We as City Stone Publishing will help, advise, and guide you and point you towards interesting opportunities.


For a more flexible option where you decide which services you require, check out our assisted-publishing services. It offers independent authors a way of perfecting their manuscript into the best book possible before publishing their book as an independent author.

All you have to do is pick the services you need, we will do our utmost to transform your manuscript into the best book it can be.


A fantastic book on the right platform in multiple formats is no good if your readers can’t find you and your work.

We can get you started, or help you grow your personal brand, whether on social media across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn or guiding you through how to set up your author website and start your own marketing newsletter.

We can set up your website, offer training for you to maintain it, or make those updates for you, as well as sort you out with your own personal website address to boost your brand.

For more info, click on the buttons below or get in touch via our Contact page.


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