The assisted publishing option BRONZE option is the perfect umbrella for you and your books in the form of the use of our publishing company’s name; this comes with an ISBN for your paperback.

This option also includes the creation of a barcode should you need one.

The BRONZE option starts at £50 for the City Stone Publishing umbrella; this includes the use of our name, one ISBN, a barcode, and the use of our logo for your paperback back cover.

Every additional ISBN (for other formats such as hardback, e-book, or audiobook) comes at a fee of £30 – only in combination with the basic fee of £50.


To include more options, such as editing and formatting, check out our assisted publishing package SILVER.
For a hassle-free publishing journey, assisted publishing package GOLD is your way to go.

*We now also offer the full publishing route where we publish your book and you get monthly sales updates and receive 50% royalties. Your initial fee will be 50% of our GOLD assisted publishing package.


A fantastic book on the right platform in multiple formats is no good if your readers can’t find you and your work.

We can get you started, or help you grow your personal brand, whether on social media across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn or guiding you through how to set up your author website and start your own marketing newsletter.

We can set up your website, offer training for you to maintain it, or make those updates for you, as well as sort you out with your own personal website address to boost your brand.

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