Penned Poetry


Miller Caldwell

Author Miller Caldwell, a direct descendant of Scottish Bard Robert Burns, reaches back to his writing roots, gathering a host of national and international award-winning poets for this delightful collection of reflections in verse on all aspects of life. An ideal bedside companion, dip into subjects as diverse as fate, fortune and the meaning of life. From the comic to the tragic, Penned Poetry charts a course through the full spectrum of human emotion. Burns would surely approve. Miller is a sufferer of early-stage Parkinson’s disease. All proceeds from this volume will go to the charity Parkinson’s UK.

Andrew Goss, writer and journalist

As Andrew says, each purchase goes directly to Parkinson’s Research. So not only can you dip into this book each night at your leisure, but your purchase has contributed to the research medical doctors are making with Parkinson’s disease. Thank you for your donation. Miller

The poets come from Tunisia, The Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Albania, many parts of the UK, Belgium and Germany. The majority are well-known award-winning poets in their countries and abroad.

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‘Apart from the fact you are helping Parkinson’s Research by buying this book, it contains voices from around the globe. Poetry to touch the heart, to encourage reflection, to bring a smile to your face. It may stimulate ideas for creativity amongst its readers. An excellent purchase.’


‘Have this book by your bedside. It has international poets who are award winners peppering you with their craft of the written word in poetry. The book covers all the emotions and some will amuse you, while others cause a reflection and others to award you in dreamful sleep. And… it’s an opportunity to support the Parkinson’s charity.’

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