Emergency Drill

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Chris Blackwater


‘I loved it!’ – Leigh Russell, best-selling crime thriller author of the Geraldine Steel series

Newly qualified offshore medic, Danny Verity, arrives on the Cuillin Alpha oil platform shortly before a storm damages the satellite system, severing the crew’s only mode of communication to the mainland.

Storm or sabotage?

Danny is forced to perform emergency surgery on an injured crewmate, whose accident he suspects was the result of sabotage. The man dies, a member of the crew disappears, and yet another is  attacked.

Enter the Pied Piper, whose sinister announcements carry his threats through the entire platform.

While the North Sea rages around them, emotions and suspicions run high.

Danny knows he’s the only one who can stop the saboteur. But will the crew trust him?

With no way of calling in help and unable to risk escaping on the lifeboats, everyone aboard the oil platform is trapped. So is the killer… and Danny is determined to smoke him out.

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Out 26 September 2023 – NOW available for pre-order


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If you ever thought that working on a North Sea Oil Rig might be fun, this book will quickly disabuse you of the notion. Even without the series of catastrophes, both nature-driven and man-made, that hit our engaging medic-turned-investigator, Danny Verity, as soon as he sets foot aboard.

There is a multitude of well written supporting characters and the plot is original and gripping. I also liked the joke contained in the name of the platform. Highly recommended.

  • Steve Sheppard, author


The action packed plot and accurate description of the surroundings reminded me of a book written by the late Wilbur Smith. Hungry as the Sea has the same vivid and visceral connection to the sea. Blackwater draws from the isolation, the danger, the hunger of the waves, the weakness of man compared to nature. Then he draws a parallel between the power, the destructive power of technology, the platform itself and the people on the platform. Sea – man – platform. Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. It’s a great read, full of action.

  • Cheryl M-M’s Book Blog


A Full-Fat Crime Novel with Non-Stop Action

The writing is muscular — clean, spare, and packed with action and suspense. The book had me gripped throughout. A hugely enjoyable read.

  • Loree Westron, author
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