Dad’s Army Sketches

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Nico  Broekhuis


Dad’s Army Sketches is a charming book filled with fabulous sketches of characters of episodes from Dad’s Army.

In his drawings, Nico Broekhuis – the Dutch Drawer – captured the adventures of the memorable characters of the fictional Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard under the inspired leadership of the always active Captain Mainwaring and his laissez-faire second-in-command, Sergeant Arthur Wilson.

Huge thanks go to Ms Penny Croft of Worldwide Theatrix Ltd, and Jimmy Perry Productions, who have graciously and kindly allowed Nico Broekhuis the use of quotes and catchphrases from the original scripts.

Dad’s Army Sketches takes you on a sentimental journey and a nostalgic trip to times when the world was black and white and the enemy recognisable. Although… remember Mainwaring’s clash with the American Colonel Schultz in series six or with the Spanish Captain Rodrigues in series three?

Dad’s Army Sketches: a litle gem. The perfect gift for any Dad’s Army lover.


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‘A fabulous and unique book of drawings, beautifully presented. A must for every Dad’s Army fan.

There are lots of fab drawings, including my personal favourites, brother ‘Barry Mainwaring’, a fellow Northener, excellently portrayed by Arthur Lowe, who did indeed originate from Hayfield.

A wonderful labour of love. Well done to the author.’

  • Linda Hollingworth Fraser


‘A remarkable piece of work. Nico Broekhuis’ artwork is something to behold. Amazing art and superb book.’

  • Steve Flynn

‘An essential read for Dad’s Army followers. Sit down with a cup of “Ersatz” coffee and enjoy.’

  • Bob Brannon


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