Clay Vermulm

When dangerous mountain peaks are the least of your troubles…

High altitude climbing is difficult enough without supernatural creatures thrown into the mix. Unfortunately for Greg and Quinn, they may have stumbled into just such a situation. A few days into their week-long trek, they notice strange occurrences. Voices outside their tent, a mysterious hiker off in the distance, and a predator that might be the end of them.

When they don’t arrive home as expected, Greg’s godmother, Ellie Jensen, worries. A search and rescue veteran with years of expertise in the Southern Picket Mountain Range, she sets off in pursuit of the young mountaineers.

Five hundred feet above safety and one thousand feet below it, can two young climbers manage to survive long enough for help to arrive, or will they become yet more mysterious disappearances on the high mountain peaks?

Quinn savoured the sheer and epic glory created by the natural world.

But this time, something was wrong.
Very wrong…

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‘Amazing short horror. If you love some creepy, visceral horror set in isolation, this is the book for you. I can honestly say I could NOT put Crevasse down. It was well worth staying up late for to read in one sitting and definitely is one of my favourite reads this year. I love a good high altitude/mountain horror setting.’

‘A riveting story that follows the mysterious disappearances of multiple mountain climbers as they push themselves to the limit in their pursuit of conquering mountain peaks and unreliable glaciers. I loved the pacing and rhythm of this story and wished the book were longer so I could enjoy more of it! The author does a great job of making each character feel distinctly different in the way they think, speak, and react to danger. The horror elements of the book are well placed and create enjoyable tension. Looking forward to more from this author.’

‘Horror and mountains… oh my! After the first chapter, I was hooked. Couldn’t put it down, and then it was late at night and I had to read some non-scary nonfiction so I could actually fall asleep after I finished it… Crevasse is the terrifying little child of The Alpinist (a climbing documentary) and the video game Until Dawn. Really liked the characters and how the story came together.’

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112 pages