Sarah Miles


Une femme extraordinaire.
Actress. Writer. Legend.

Winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress in Ryan’s Daughter.

Sarah Miles’ childhood wasn’t easy – dyslexic with a severe stammer. Rebellion was her means of expression, animals and trees her friends. Expelled from Roedean and Crofton Grange, her mother despaired and sent her to London and RADA. On the loose in London, Sarah revealed a special talent for getting into trouble and an equal talent for acting. She landed herself an agent, fell in love with his son, lived with a prostitute and finally met the man whose photograph she had kept under her pillow since she was eleven and who would change the course of her life – Laurence Olivier.

While at RADA, Sarah made a dream list and, to her amazement, began ticking it off with relish. During the filming of Wuthering Heights she had an affair with Laurence Olivier. But keeping the relationship secret took its toll, and her relationships with her other lovers – James Fox, Willie Donaldson, and Nicol Williamson – fell apart one by one.

As she became more of a recluse, she met Robert Bolt, the Oscar-winning screenwriter, whom she later married – twice – and had a son with. The loving couple stayed together until Robert Bolt sadly passed away. Sarah had nursed him throughout his long illness.

During the filming of The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, side by side with Burt Reynolds, something fatal happened. A tragic accident or murder? The impact on Sarah’s and her family’s life was huge. Their lives changed forever. Sarah felt manipulated, pushed, and over the years, this strengthened her resolve to rise from the ashes.

Sarah is a strong woman with firm opinions – a person you can laugh and cry with, have discussions with, as well as brilliant conversations. A push-over no more. A strong character and oozing charisma, Sarah feels that NOW is the time to share her most intimate and insightful moments with the public. NOW is the time to show the world she is no victim, but has learned and then shared her life experience to help others.

Sarah Miles promises to reveal all in her ultimate autobiography: No Victim.

Coming September 2024.


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