Miller Caldwell

Miller H. Caldwell was born in 1950, and grew up in the manse at Kirriemuir, in the northeast of Scotland. He finished schooling in Glasgow, determined to lead a humanitarian life. He was appointed by the Church of Scotland to work in Ghana. He was the Secretary to the Tema Council of Churches and the Tema Community Project. He met his wife in Ghana.

Returning to the UK in 1978, he enrolled at London University for a post-graduate degree in African Studies. He worked at St Modan’s High School, Stirling before becoming a reporter to the children’s panels. Promotion led him from Kilmarnock to Ayr and finally to be the Regional then first Authority Reporter for Dumfries & Galloway. In 2002 in London, he received the inter-agency Community Care Award.

In 2003, he retired and became an author. In 2006, he was appointed Camp Manager at Mundihar in the NW Frontier of Pakistan following the south Asian earthquake. He was presented with the International Award for services to earthquake victims at a ceremony in Islamabad. He has been the President of the Dumfries Burns Club three times and Chair of the Scottish Association for the Study of Offending.

Miller is married to Jocelyn and has two daughters, Fiona and Laura. His other loves are his trombone, tenor sax and clarinet. He is currently the President of the Dumfries Burns Club in its 200th year. Miller is a direct descendant of the Bard.

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Penned Poetry

Author Miller Caldwell, a direct descendant of Scottish Bard Robert Burns, reaches back to his writing roots, gathering a host of national and international award-winning poets for this delightful collection of reflections in verse on all aspects of life. An ideal bedside companion, dip into subjects as diverse as fate, fortune and the meaning of life. From the comic to the tragic, Penned Poetry charts a course through the full spectrum of human emotion. Burns would surely approve. Miller is a sufferer of early-stage Parkinson’s disease. All proceeds from this volume will go to the charity Parkinson’s UK.

Andrew Goss, writer and journalist

As Andrew says, each purchase goes directly to Parkinson’s Research. So not only can you dip into this book each night at your leisure, but your purchase has contributed to the research medical doctors are making with Parkinson’s disease. Thank you for your donation. Miller

The poets come from Tunisia, The Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Albania, many parts of the UK, Belgium and Germany. The majority are well-known award-winning poets in their countries and abroad.

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