Miles Etherton


Miles Etherton is a historian with a special interest in WWII and modern-day technologies.

He likes to explore the darker side of our existence, and in particular the murkier depths of the online world. He is an expert at melting intriguing facts into captivating fiction–not for the fainthearted–in his cyber thrillers.

Miles loves the internet and the online world. What if one of the greatest technological advances we’ve made, would be misused? What if the freedom of the internet has turned on its users? Imagine devious minds having their way with our data… it makes for fascinating ideas to explore in writing.

If you love cyber and conspiracy thrillers, then why not come along for the ride! Are you brave enough?

Miles Etherton’s website:
Twitter: @milesetherton




The Codex File

Michael Robertson’s wife and daughter have been viciously murdered.

To hunt down the killers, he combines forces with four hackers, vehemently opposed to the new state network, controlled by the government.

They follow the trail to industrial espionage and a plot that leads right to the heart of government in a desperate and deadly search for the truth.




The Hedon’s Gate Trilogy

Book 1: Shroud of Darkness

Ambitious journalist, Zahava Lee, is looking for her next big scoop.

Maybe she’s just found it when former lover and private investigator, Bill McAllister, brings her details of Hedon’s Gate, a deadly new designer drug from Eastern Europe.

While careless students are dying from overdoses, a lone student sets on a terrible path of revenge involving the lethal Hedon’s Gate.

Zahava’s life is threatened when she crosses paths with London’s narcotic underworld and a ruthless Russian drug gang on a killing spree.

Book 2: The Campus Killer

A killer weaves his way through the hedonism of undergraduate life, with its cocktail of drink, debauchery, and the lethal designer drug, Hedon’s Gate. The murderer’s weapon of choice.

His aim: revenge. His target: the beautiful siren, Claudia Devoy who relentlessly wrecks lives with her promiscuity. Through social media, he tracks her every move to close in on the woman he once loved.

To investigate a link between Hedon’s Gate and student deaths, journalist Zahava Lee infiltrates a university… and walks headlong into London’s newest serial murderer – the Campus Killer.

Book 3: Redemption

Seeking publicity, London’s Campus Killer wants ambitious journalist Zahava Lee to voice the motives behind his murderous scheme. It will be the biggest story of her career. It may cost Zahava her life…

Caught between the Campus Killer and a vengeful Russian drug lord exacting violent retribution, Zahava faces demons from the past.

How many more people will be executed to exorcise the destructive influence of Claudia Devoy?

Can Zahava evade the murderous attention of the Russian drug gang and expose the truth behind Hedon’s Gate and the Campus Killer?

Will Zahava survive?



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