Jeannie Heller

The confluence of three major interests, that of a middle school teacher, a stock and commodity trader, and a world traveler, has led Jeannie Heller to write The Kid Who Beat Wall Street and Saved Africa, an exciting adventure story for young adults.

For this book, she won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Book in Children’s Literature (2014) and was a finalist for the Indie Excellence Award in Juvenile Fiction (2011). You can find all about her children’s writing on her children’s book website.

She spoke at The Economic Education and Financial Literacy Conference, the GlobalEd Conference, and the National Middle School Association Conference. She is an associate of the Pen Women’s Writer’s group and a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

Jeannie Heller has enjoyed a career in several diverse areas: first as a middle school teacher, then as a trader in the stock and commodity markets, owning her own commodity trading company, and now as an author. She also loves to travel and has had the good fortune to visit most of the seven continents several times.

Jeannie Heller’s children are now all grown and flown the nest; she and her husband call Connecticut their home.



To Catch a Man

To Catch a Man: The Secrets to Finding Everlasting LOVE and Happiness is an autobiographical self-help book that empowers women to find the man of their dreams via stories of the author’s own adventures in seven years of dating.

Jeannie about her book: “I empower women with my Four-Date Rule: go out on four dates before you decide whether he’s the guy for you. Why? Because usually, it takes men that long to relax and be themselves. If you make up your mind after the first or second date, you could be missing out on someone great. I speak from experience – I almost didn’t go out on a fourth date with my now-husband. Thank God I did!

“I am uniquely qualified to write this book, as wherever I go, men are drawn to me (even though I’m not a supermodel nor a flirt). In fact, my friends dubbed me the ‘man magnet.’ Perhaps it’s because I’m good at focusing on others, or maybe it’s that I’m open and friendly without being needy or desperate. Men just seem to feel comfortable around me. I show my readers how to have that same magnetism in To Catch a Man.

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