Clay Vermulm

The no-fall zone—the point on a climb where falling means death and finishing the route to the top is safer than attempting a descent.

As a man who climbs and explores the mountains regularly, author Clay Vermulm is no stranger to arguably insane amounts of risk. After all, what sane man would forsake a teaching career and a profitable position as a restaurant sous chef to become a full-time author?

Sanity notwithstanding, that is exactly what Clay has done. Rather than continue to put his passion on hold while slogging through a career path for which he feels no true exultation, he decided to embark fully down the path of writing narrative fiction.

Since 2020, Clay has been a finalist for the Rick D. Moranis short story competition. His work has been published on the Miss Fearsome YouTube channel, Substack, Simily, and on his website. Clay also hosts a podcast called Sinister Soup, devoted to promoting his fellow newly published and independent authors of genre fiction.

Clay’s website:
Twitter: @ClaytonVermulm



Blue Rare & Other Stories

A thrilling horror short story collection that will intrude your thoughts and disturb your sleep… 

“See that Lexus?” she asked, looking up at him with what he called her ‘disappointed-teacher face.’ It was a smile, but a smile that implied he was too stupid to see what it really meant.

“Yeah,” Evan said, taking the bait.

“That’s Kurt’s. If you ever see it following you around, it means he’s found out about us, and he’s coming to kill you.”

“Yeah, right.” He laughed. “I’ll keep an eye out for him.”

Sadie didn’t laugh. “Don’t worry. He won’t find out. You haven’t told anyone, right?”



When dangerous mountain peaks are the least of your troubles…

Quinn felt nervous. Was it the glacier or the isolation and encroaching darkness?

Sometimes, waking up in the sub-zero darkness of an alpine, she would ask herself, “Why do I do this on purpose?”

Every time she made it to the top of a mountain, she knew.
Because there is no feeling like this. The mountains are another world.

Quinn savoured the sheer and epic glory created by the natural world.

But this time, something was wrong.
Very wrong…

CREVASSE a horror novella 





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