Manuscript Advice

General advice and concise feedback on format, content and wording.

Manuscript advice looks at the big picture: the overall structure, content, tone of voice, and style of your manuscript.

Our professionals will provide you with an in-depth review of your writing to help you improve your manuscript. We will advise you on specific points to focus on – we will be the stepping stone for your work of fiction or non-fiction.

In the case of fiction writing, we often see conflicting points of view. Do you have an omniscient narrator or a first- or third-person narrative? And what about the adagio, ‘show don’t tell’ instead of over-explaining of emotions, actions, and situations?

For both fiction and non-fiction, it is important to have your readership in mind. It will create a focus on tone of voice, and language to use.

But for non-fiction specifically, knowing your readership is essential as it has to be understandable both for peers and for non-professionals. You also have to consider the message you are conveying and provide supporting evidence in the form of research. Have the figures right and double-check that your conclusion is based upon facts – how did you reach your conclusion? – and adds something new to your field. Don’t forget to address the issue of the scope of your research and article, and add the limitations and, if appropriate, possible angles for further research.

For fiction writers but even more so for non-fiction authors, it is important to write out names the first time you use them before abbreviating them.


Disclaimer: manuscript advice does NOT include editing services such as (copy-)editing or proofreading.


Manuscript Advice fees*: from £8 per 1,000 words.

*Minimum fee is £150